The New Picosecond Laser Generation

Discovery Pico Plus is The Ultimate PicoSecond Tattoo Removal and Pigmented Lesions removal device with 3 wavelengths and 2 Lasers all in 1 Device. Featuring Award-winning ResurFACE fractional hand piece, it completely removes all Tattoo colours, scar free.

World’s first PicoSecond Dual Laser Platform – Combines PicoSecond Nd:Yag laser with Q-Switched Ruby laser alongside an ability to deliver the shortest pulse available (375ps) with an industry-high peak power of 1.8GW able to guarantee the most efficient and safest treatments.

This is the Ultimate Device for Complete Multicolor Tattoo Removal Scar Free. Combines Nd:Yag 1064 nm/532 nm laser for Black and Red pigment and Ruby 694 nm laser for the removal of notoriously hard to treat Green and Blue pigments. Most advanced Italian-made PicoSecond laser technology.

Quanta System PicoSecond laser technology ensures practitioners are using the world’s most powerful, multi-treatment PicoSecond platform in the marketplace allowing the device to be operated in six emission modes: PicoSecond, Q-Switched, Short Pulse, Double pulse, Fractional and Free Running.

Combining the efficacy of PicoSecond pulses with the safety profile of NanoSecond Q-switched pulses and the optional upgrade to the award-winning ResurFACE® fractional attachment, gives you even more treatment options and flexibility.

Scars Free OptiBeam II technology

Square and flat top laser beams grant safer and effective treatments. The energy is homogeneously delivered into the treated areas. The square beam avoids pulse overlapping thus providing more efficient laser treatments and reducing treatment times by 20%.

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER! An easy way to understand the effectiveness of the PicoSecond technology is by Power and pulse duration. The relationship between energy and pulse duration determines the max power delivered to the targeted area. The more power is generated, the greater spot size handpiece can be used, and therefore resulting in a more safe and efficient treatment.

Fast treatment up to 10 Hz with 2 minutes warm up time, built-in Auto Recognition Handpiece Spot size and 10.4″ Gorilla Touchscreen.