STOP Nail Biting Today!

Product name:  JESSICA Nibble No More

What it is: NIBBLE NO MORE™ is a fast and effective treatment formulated with bitter Cactus Extract to give nails an undesirable, bitter taste that helps to break the lifelong habit of nail biting, while stimulating healthy new growth.  Finally, a solution to break this often life-long habit.

What it does: NIBBLE NO MORE™ stops nail biting and thereby allows healthy new nail growth.  Natural Cactus Extract is extremely bitter to the taste and actively discourages the temptation to bite nails.  Apply once a day over the entire nail and cuticle, it will last all day and through many hand washes.

Who should use it: Safe and natural, NIBBLE NO MORE™ can be used by adults and children as and when required.

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