Evolis® PREVENT – Hair Preservation System

Does hair thinning and hair loss run in your family?  Are you worried you might be next in line? Or you just naturally have fine hair and cannot afford to lose much. évolis® PREVENT helps preserve hair and address thinning before it starts!

Why does hair stop growing and fall out? Hair grows in cycles; growth, transition and rest. Factors such as genetics, age, stress and medication can cause this hair cycle to become shorter and shorter. A shorter hair cycle leads to more hair fall more often, resulting in thinning.

A breakthrough in science has identified the villain: FGF5. This naturally occurring protein is the body’s signal to tell your hair to stop growing and fall out. By blocking the hair loss signal, the active botanicals in évolis® PREVENT are clinically proven to help reduce hair fall.  Clinical studies have demonstrated a reduction in hair fall by 75% so hair thinning doesn’t have to become a problem.

The evolis® PREVENT system looks after your hair with a shampoo, conditioner and activator, and it is fortified with a unique blend of nourishing fruit extracts such as pomegranate and mangosteen. Packed with antioxidants and essential oils they are working together to preserve your hair and a healthy growth cycle with it.  Keep your hair on your head and not in the drain or your brush!

The évolis® PREVENT Hair Preservation System is available from www.evolisprofessional.com.au

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