Evolis® REVERSE – Hair Restoration System

Is there a natural way to reverse thinning or ageing hair and perhaps even grow some back? évolis® REVERSE is the solution you have been looking for!

Why does hair stop growing and fall out? Hair grows in cycles; growth, transition and rest. Various factors such as age, genetics and stress can cause this hair cycle can become shorter and shorter. You may notice that, from as early as the mid-twenties, your hair begins to thin, or you just can’t grow your hair as long as you used to!

A breakthrough in science has identified the villain: FGF5 – the body’s signal to tell your hair to stop growing and fall out. By blocking the hair loss signal, the active botanicals in évolis® REVERSE are clinically proven to reduce hair fall by 75% and increase hair growth by 40.2%.

REVERSE is also fortified with a selected range of nourishing fruits and extracts including green tea, rosemary and lavender. These are packed with antioxidants and essential oils to help reverse ageing hair. The evolis® REVERSE shampoo and conditioner are designed to be light and balanced, so they won’t weigh the hair down. Instead, they will give volume and shine!

No more blocked drains or clumps in your hair brush. Reverse hair loss now with evolis®.

The évolis® REVERSE Hair Restoration System is available from www.evolisprofessional.com.au

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