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5 facts you need to know about ingrown hairs

Are ingrown hairs causing your clients issues? Here are five facts on the annoying bumps (and give ingrowns the heave-ho).

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What is your first-time Brazilian client really thinking?

She seems calm, but have you ever wondered what a first-time Brazilian client is really thinking? We get the lowdown…

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10 massage blunders your client is making

We round up the ten mistakes many clients make before they even get on the massage table – and how to fix them.

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Five myths your client believes about waxing

Here are five things your client may have heard about waxing, which aren’t actually true.

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Forget the 7-minute Brazilian!

The 7-minute Brazilian is being touted as the next big thing in waxing. But hard and fast just isn’t a good idea says Lilliane Caron, Owner and Director at Caronlab Australia.

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The five health benefits you might not know about massage

A massage, feels, well, good… But here are five other surprising health reasons why you should be encouraging your clients to keep coming back for more time on the massage table.

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Workout? Make massage your friend

A scientific study has proven a link between massage and muscle recovery. So, if you have an athletic client, encourage them to book in for regular massages.

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When A Brow Treatment Goes Horribly Wrong

It’s the stuff beauty therapists’ nightmares are made of.

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7 Hacks For Perfectly Shaped Brows

Want to know the secrets to creating the ultimate set of arches?

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How To Get Your Clients To Calm The Hell Down

And not lose the plot yourself in the process…

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The Weird, Wonderful History Of Wax

You won’t believe how they used to remove pubic hair.

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5 Genius Hacks For A Scream-Free Brazilian Wax

A hair-free bikini region without pain and suffering? It is possible.

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4 Real-Life Brazilian Wax Horror Stories

A warning to every therapist about what not to do when you reach for the wax pot…

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How Brazilian Waxing Can Transmit STDs

If you think STI’s spread through waxing are an urban myth, think again…

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Brazilian Waxing Myths, Busted

“I can manage childbirth, but I can’t manage a Brazilian?”

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7 Thoughts You Have Giving A Brazilian

If only they knew what you really thought…

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“The 7 Minute Brazilian Is Dangerous”

A waxing expert dishes her opinion on the new treatment craze.

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7 Utterly Inexplicable New Beauty Trends

Snails crawling over your client’s face and bright blue armpits are just the start of 2015’s weirdest treatment trends…

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