Men’s business – an insider’s guide

Stephen Handisides

Internationally renowned male grooming expert Stephen Handisides explains everything you need to know about men’s changing attitudes to beauty – and how to attract them into your salon.

Why is male grooming becoming more and more popular?

Men are becoming more conscious about the way they look and are interested in ways they can improve their appearance and look after themselves both physically and mentally.

Men are closely catching up to women with the amount they spend on grooming products and the beauty industry has cottoned on to this. Therefore, the amount of male grooming products in the market has grown phenomenally from what it was 10 years ago, so men are spoilt for choice.

Millennials are experimenting with everything they can get their hands on (ie. shaping their eyebrows, laser hair removal to shape their beards, wearing makeup, using hair straighteners, etc) while mature males (who are often going through major life events such as divorce and job changes) want to look younger and be competitive in the workplace are experimenting with more invasive treatments such as fillers, hair restoration and laser skin resurfacing.

Do you think men are becoming more comfortable spending money on ‘beauty’ products and treatments?

I think men have finally realised that having manicures and pedicures feels great and that women actually notice the effort well-groomed men put into their appearance.

In  Australia the rise of specialist ‘men only’ aesthetic clinics such as Man Cave Sydney and grooming lounges such as Face of Man have done a lot to break down the stigma of male pampering.

These discreet but manly establishments offer a plethora of treatments and pampering just for men in a relaxed and masculine setting.

How can beauty salon owners attract men to their salons?

If you want to attract males into your salon you need to tailor your marketing to them. There are many ways to do this including the following:

  • Have a separate brochure and section on your website labeled ‘For Men’. These should be designed to fit a masculine aesthetic, with a rich or bold masculine colour palette and typeface.
  • If you have enough space create a separate waiting room in your salon for men with sports magazines, a TV playing male focused programs and a beer fridge.
  • Run an open evening for men to sample some of the services you offer. Entice them with a whisky tasting and a speaker who is a local sports celebrity or a male grooming expert.
  • Utilise your current database of female clients to create special offers and incentives for them to give to their partners or male family members.
  • Never underestimate the power of social media. Look at where men are having conversations online in your local market and create great social media accounts that are visually interesting and informative.
  • Create male focused promotional and advertising material, advertise in local men’s publications, or the sports or motoring section of the local newspaper.
  • Partner with like-minded businesses or grassroots sporting clubs such as the local rugby or cricket teams for joint promotions.
  • Give current clients an introductory discount for introducing new male clients to the business.
  • Offer local male celebrities a complimentary treatment in return for them to ‘check in’ and post on their social media accounts


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